Hi, I'm Olga! 👋

I’m the person behind PoLa Baker. I am a Le Cordon Bleu London trained pastry chef from Moscow, Russia.

My baking journey began in my mother’s kitchen when I was a little girl back in Moscow. It started as a hobby at first, but then, after one successful cake for my nephew’s first birthday, I decided to start making cakes to order not only for my family and friends. It grew into a small business with big potential. It still was a part-time job for me because I was at the university getting my Bachelors degree.

After that I moved to London to get my Masters Degree in Marketing, and while there I continued baking for friends and family. Then I finally went to Culinary Academy (Le Cordon Bleu in London) and got a pastry chef diploma. I wanted to start my business right away, but then I had to move to Canada for a couple of years and this is where I got an idea for LAYERS, a bakery specialising in multilayered cakes. After returning to London, I finally started this business.

LAYERS is all about layers. The whole idea is to show the world that cakes can be much more than a couple of thick sponge cakes glued together with buttercream.

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